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Alpha it all begins here chapter one

Chapter 1
The Beginning
In the universe there was an empire named the Alpha. Ever since The Alpha Empire began there have only been three leaders King Melden, Leon, and Striyn. Striyn is the empires current leader on the home planet O-mega. No one knows where he came from or when he was born. The Alpha Empire was undefeated because of the great power it possessed. Many had tried to take it and failed.   

One day Striyn felt that a great and powerful evil presence from afar was among his people. He knew he needed to have a plan to hide the Alpha orb that contains their entire source of power. Therefore, Striyn decided to call a meeting of the elders. There were seven elders including Striyn. Their names were Corsair, McKane (Corsair’s brother), Haas, Tie, Carr, and Devon. Striyn explained to the elders that a powerful evil is heading towards the planet and that they needed to find an exit plan just in case of defeat. Haas asked Striyn “Who is this evil?” Striyn replied, “His name is Conador.”  Striyn further explained “His power is without fear and that he is a great threat to the Alpha power for if he gains the power he will be unstoppable.” Corsair then said, “Give me the power Striyn, for I will protect our planet from this brute.” McKane added, “Yes my brother would be fit to have the power to protect us.” Striyn replied “NO! You already have power and you are powerful enough.  It would be foolish to do such a thing as to give you the power of our empire. If you were given all of the Alpha power you will not know how to use it neither will you be wise with it. It will consume you and destroy you. Wait!!!! The Spirit of Light just spoke to me so listen carefully. We shall crystallize the Alpha power and shatter it into pieces then send it to different planets. A person will be chosen to learn and grow with the power so he can be wise, have faith, and gain understanding of the power. That way all the power would not be brought upon the person that is chosen.”

Four of the elders agreed with Striyn’s position but two of them (Corsair and McKane) disagreed. Striyn did what he was told by the Spirit of Light, crystallized the Alpha power, and shattered it. He then gave the power to those whom he could trust to hold them on their planet until the time was right. Striyn took a small orb of the Alpha power and locked it in a closed tight chamber never to be touched until the right time had come.  Striyn knew that time was not on their side and Conador was coming soon. Corsair was the only one of the six that knew of the small orb. Corsair knew this because he was spying on Striyn.  Corsair decided to wait until Striyn opens the chamber again so that he can gain the beginning of the Alpha power himself.

Conador waited nineteen years for the Alpha Empire to grow old and weak to attack them and to take the Alpha power to add to his own. Finally, the time had come when the empire was getting too old and weak to defend the Alpha power. Conador’s ship appeared in the atmosphere of planet O-mega. Conador prepared his ship to stay afloat in their air space above the castle by spreading the wings of the ship to glide into the atmosphere of the planet making the ship like a huge fan. The ship arrived on the planet covering their sky.  Each wing of the ship was four thousand miles long and the ship itself was a thousand miles wide. Conador’s ship was right above the empire’s castle and his men (He called them heathens.) Ram sacked the castle and took their women. Striyn in the fight against the heathens saw that they were losing badly and that the empire was on the blink of extinction. He told the people of the empire to hold them off so that he can get the orb of the Alpha power to the chosen man on Earth. Corsair followed Striyn to the chamber to try to gain the Alpha power. Striyn opened the chamber and Corsair said to him “Striyn give me the power don’t you see that our empire is on the blink of destruction?  I need the power. I want the power”.  Striyn replied, “What are you doing Corsair?  You should be at the front line protecting the empire?” He replied, “I am protecting the empire by taking the Alpha power and fusing it with my power.” Striyn responded back “FOOL! Conador will kill you and take the power. Do you really think that he cares about a fight!? No!!! He will kill you as quickly as possible.” 

Then a deep voice spoke, “You are right I will kill you quickly with no problem.”  Striyn and Corsair said together “Conador.” Striyn asked him “Why must you destroy our planet and gain power?  Why?” He replied, “You see the ship above? That ship is my home. I populate my ship by taking the invaded planet’s women so that my heathens can have sex with whom they chose too. Therefore, because they are heathens the pregnancy has a shorter period. This must be done to create more heathens in a short period so that I can rule or destroy more planets, and I would love to have the Alpha power because weak fools like you will bow down to me and fear me. Now enough talk, give me the Alpha power are you shall die.” Conador charged at Corsair and punched him in the stomach then grabbed him and sent him flying through five walls. Then he charged at Striyn to kick him in his side, but Striyn blocked it and teleported away from Conador. Conador looked for him and as he yelled his name, Striyn shot a blast sending Conador through a wall.  Striyn then ran to get to the transcending portal to get to earth.  Conador saw this and began to chase him. As he was about to grab him, Haas came and grabbed Conador by the neck trying to break his neck. Conador took Haas by his leg, and arm brought him down on his knee breaking Haas’ back.  He then threw him like trash out of a window. Corsair teleported to meet with McKane in the portal room to retrieve the Alpha power from Striyn. Conador blasted the wall and said with force “GIVE ME THE ALPHA POWER NOW!!!” McKane flew to Conador to knee him in the face.  Conador blocked McKane, threw him to the ceiling of the room, and went for his brother. McKane stopped him by jumping off the ceiling right in front of Conador and shot a blast in front of his face. Conador stood there and took it McKane was amazed. Conador then backhanded McKane into a wall then Corsair shot off a “Hyper Blast” but, Conador moved to the left and grabbed him by the throat. McKane was about to perform one of his moves but Conador grabbed him by the throat and said “you two are pissing me off”. He threw them hard into ceiling making them go thru it into the air. As they were in the air, Conador hit them sending them far away from the castle.  Conador teleported right at the end of the center part of the ship and when Corsair and McKane arrived Conador hit them hard sending them out of space. Striyn was about to leave but Conador teleported back in time to catch him. Conador punched him in the jaw then he repeatedly punched him in his stomach and then beat him from wall to wall.  After Conador was finished with him, Striyn could not move and was on the blink of dying. Right before Conador was about to kill him, Striyn grabbed the orb and teleported to the transcending beam and barely teleported himself to earth. On that day Conador had sought to find Striyn and the Alpha power to destroy him and whomever he had given the power to. Conador flew back to his ship and began the destruction sequence. The wings on the ship began to turn and the winds on the planet picked up. Trees and water were in the air.  Buildings were being destroyed as the wings turned faster. The ground shook and everything began ripped to shreds under the wings of the ship. Beyond the ship, the wind was ripping everything apart quickly. Then the ship’s jets took the ship out of the planet and charged a huge powerful laser with Conador on the top of the ship charging it. The laser shot and the planet exploded. Planet O-mega was destroyed.  Corsair and McKane with shields surrounding them floated in space and watched their planet explode. They blamed Striyn for this destruction.  Corsair plotted to kill the one that he chose after he gathered most of the power so he can get his revenge on Conador.  Striyn barely alive got to earth and with his last breath; he fused his spirit with the Alpha power so that he can still get to the young man known as Tiryn Banan.
Alpha it all begins here Book one

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Book one of the Alpha series, Alpha it all begins here

Here you can blog about book one in the Alpha series please let me know what you think, and what you like and dont like about book one  Alpha it all begins here.