Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twejbooks Inspirational writing

The Holy Spirit is my reminder
The mind holds so much information until we forget the things we are supposed to remember or do. For this very reason I thank God for blessing us with the Holy Spirit. For He reminds me the things of life and what I supposed to do in life. Thank you Holy Spirit for being my reminder because if it wasn't for you I would forget and be lost in things I don't need to be lost in.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Twejbooks inspirational writing

Hello bloggers even though I am in the middle of The Alpha series I will be posting Inspirational writing or Quotes that I have written. Here is one of my inspirational writings

              A Deeper Relationship with God
A relationship always go both ways. We receive and we Give but with God we forget to Give and do for Him all the time. Ask yourself; If I don't Praise His Holy Name, Bring souls to Him to be saved, Put my problems Aside and pray for others, Being a Good Servant/Leader in the Church, Let Your will be done In my life, or Do what You require of me to do, then how can I grow in a relationship with God from drinking milk like a baby to grow into eating Meat as a man or woman? Every person should ask this question to the Lord O God. For there is always room for growth in God to get a deeper relationship with Him than what we Humans think. We should know that we need to grow deeper in God to see more of the Kingdom Vision! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Author Radford Lee
When Black and his team are sent to investigate a foreign ship orbiting near the Harmonica spaceport, they're killed onboard by a homicidal humanoid weapon built in the image of a beautiful woman. Several years later, Black is reborn through a miracle of science on an unfamiliar planet called Neon as part of the Rebirth Project. He's mysteriously set free and flees to Starlight City, where he lives the frenzied life of a hunted fugitive who's been genetically "modified."

Though he has no memory of his escape, and the memories of his previous life on Earth are blurred moments at best, Black crosses paths with several misfits who have their own stories to tell. He pieces together a tale of unlikely friends pit against the powers that be, fending for day-to-day survival.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My First Author Interview With Mary Fan

Hello everyone I have had my first Q & A interview with Mary Fan and it was great!! Please stop by and check out the interview for Alpha it all begins here.