Sunday, April 21, 2013

Twejbooks inspirational writing

Hello bloggers even though I am in the middle of The Alpha series I will be posting Inspirational writing or Quotes that I have written. Here is one of my inspirational writings

              A Deeper Relationship with God
A relationship always go both ways. We receive and we Give but with God we forget to Give and do for Him all the time. Ask yourself; If I don't Praise His Holy Name, Bring souls to Him to be saved, Put my problems Aside and pray for others, Being a Good Servant/Leader in the Church, Let Your will be done In my life, or Do what You require of me to do, then how can I grow in a relationship with God from drinking milk like a baby to grow into eating Meat as a man or woman? Every person should ask this question to the Lord O God. For there is always room for growth in God to get a deeper relationship with Him than what we Humans think. We should know that we need to grow deeper in God to see more of the Kingdom Vision! 

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